Haye v Chisora is on!

8 May

Today, a press conference from Upton Park in East London played host to a press conference that the boxing community awaited with great anticipation. Frank Warren hosted the conference to announce that on July 14th British heavyweights David Haye and Dereck Chisora will in fact be in the ring, standing toe-to-toe and finally settling the differences. But the announcement has caused great stir amongst the general public. Many questioning whether the contest should be taking place.

The bitterness between the two infamously begun back in February, when the two brawled at the post fight press conference of Chisora’s world title defeat to WBC champion Vitali Klitschko. After the events of that fateful night in Munich were brought to the publics attention via the worlds many forms of social media, the condemnation of the two was unanimous. All led with headlines such as “Disgrace” and “Embarrassment” and many felt that the former world champion Haye and world title challenger Chisora should never be allowed near a boxing ring again.

However, the post fight punch up certainly threw up some questions. Who would win should the fight be inside the ring? The question was on everybody’s lips. People involved with boxing, including myself slammed the actions of the heavyweights but at the same time could not wait to see the events unfold.

We fast forward to today and after a weekend of rumours and knowledge of a Frank Warren press conference, it was announced that on July 14th former two weight world champion David Haye and world title challenger Dereck Chisora will be trading blows at West Ham United’s Upton Park.

After the brawl in Munich, Chisora subsequently had his boxing licence suspended by the British Boxing Board of Control, meaning he could not compete on a bill sanctioned by them. Also, after Haye’s July 2011 loss to unified heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko – in which he lost his WBA heavyweight title – he proceeded to retire as always promised when he reached his 31st birthday. So the first question was, how is this fight going ahead? considering the fact that neither holds a BBB of C licence. The fight has infact been sanctioned by the Luxembourg Boxing Federation and will be co-promoted by Team Sauerland and Hayemaker Boxing. The notable absentee their is Chisora’s promoter Frank Warren, whose only involvement in the production of the contest will be his broadcaster airing the fight, BoxNation.

Fortunately today the two boxers were kept separate via a steel fence, but that never stopped the two from exchanging the verbal blows.

“He is the ideal opponent for me,” Haye said. “I am so glad he has got a good chin because if he didn’t have a good chin he would be blasted out in first round. This means I will give him a nice, slow, concussive beating.”

“I tried to knock him out in Munich and this is the opportunity to shut him up.”

To which Chisora angrily replied,

“I don’t like him. David, you need to get style. Your corn rows are out of fashion.

“Talk is cheap now. That was a lucky shot he hit me with in Munich. David: you are winning 1-0 but come July I am coming to whoop your ass.

“Your talk is cheap. You always talk but you don’t deliver in the ring.”

One big area for discussion is how the two will profit heavily from the contest considering the manner in which the hype surrounding it originated. Their behaviour caused massive outcry, the things that were said and the actions of that night in Munich were unacceptable from two who figure heavily in the public eye. They are sportsman who the youth of the country look up to and the example that they have set is unforgivable. In one corner you had Dereck threatening to stab Haye and in the other Haye acted out with bottles and tripods as weapons. Should these people have such financial gain over these atrocities? No. But will it stop thousands of people flocking to the Boleyn Ground to witness the final bell or millions more tuning into BoxNation, once again no.

Whatever happens it is no doubt going to be one of the most talked about boxing events of the year and will hopefully be an incredibly entertaining fight.



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